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10 Secrets To Financial Abundance

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

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Financial Abundance

Sis, did you know that you can get financial abundance from God at the level you want? All you have to know is the secrets to unlocking financial blessings. Most people spend more than half their lives struggling financially, and as a result, they take on several dead-end jobs just to make ends meet. Now they are overworking their bodies, their families never see them, they're miss out on precious moments, stressed out, lacking self-care, missing time with God, and still living check to check. They are letting life control them and will end up being bitterly disappointed. The first thing that you need to accept is that getting what you want from God will take work and a lot of faith. God is not your personal genie. You can't just make a wish and POOF there it is. With any relationship, it is give and take, two-way street. Give God what he needs, and he will provide you your heart's desires as long as it's within his will (meaning his purpose for your life). Let's just be real, the reason most people don't know how to unlock their financial blessings is that they are too consumed with the world, never spend time in prayer, don't have a close relationship with God, waste time on social media, nonproductive activities, simply cannot be bothered to think about it deeply, or their intentions are not pure. Everything you do must glorify God. The first step to getting the financial blessing you want is to spend time in prayer! Simple right? Well, it's easier said than done. This step will require great discipline. To do this, you will need to spend quality time away from any distractions every day. Go into your secret place. With a pure heart, pray and surrender yourself over to God. This also mean being obedient to his word and commandments. Ask God several searching questions. There are many examples of these questions in the first section of this workbook. Then you need to prepare for the increase. This will take all the faith you have plus some. It will never be a perfect time, so you will need to do this now! You will set goals properly, utilize the gifts/talents God gave you, walk in the purpose God assigned you to and allow the Holy Spirit to lead you in the direction of success. When you discover your purpose, you will discover your enemy! The most critical aspect of getting what you really want from God is controlling your thoughts. If you don't deal with the negative thoughts that we all experience properly, you will never manifest your desires. You will also need to develop a mental toughness to deal with setbacks and keep you on the right track. Everything you need to know about unlocking your financial blessings is in this powerful blog. So read every word and apply what you learn. The steps outlined in this blog require practice, patience, faith, and persistence.

1. What Do You Really Want?

The first thing you will need to discover is your why! Why is financial stability important to you? What do you want to gain from this? You will need to decide what you want your life to really look like.

2. Prayer & Relationship

God is our all and all. He is our Father and Creator. He has provided all things for us here on Earth. He has made available to us the abundant life here on Earth and has given us His son Jesus Christ to bring us back into right relationship with Him. The Father wants a relationship with His children; however, we have to want to be in a relationship with Him also.

3. God-given Purpose

Your purpose is never only about you or the career YOU chose to pursue, but the freeing of someone else God has called you to! Your purpose is not something you choose but discover. God may have called you to free your family from financial bondage, poverty, witchcraft, or sickness. God said, what you make happen for others, I will make happen for you.

4. God-given Talents

God loves you and wants you to be to blessed. Like more blessed than you can ever imagine. He wants you to have more than enough (also includes wealth) so you can bless your family and others. He wants you to live in abundance. Being in poverty, struggling, or barely getting by was never his plan for your life! He gave you the power and authority to create the life you want while blessing others and giving him the glory. This is why he equipped you with gifts and talents. Use your God-given talents to create financial stability. Your success, happiness, and basic quality of life are really up to you.

5. Goal Setting

You will need to set actionable goals for the things you really want to accomplish. Just having a list of goals is not much use. Ok, it is better than not having any goals at all, but that's about it. Use the SMART goal system to create actionable goals.

6. Plan For The Increase

You have probably heard the old saying: "If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail." This is very true. A goal without a plan is just a pipe dream. So, you need to get to planning head-on and start thinking about what you need to do each day to achieve your goals. Your plan doesn't have to be perfect - in fact, it is virtually impossible to come up with a perfect plan to achieve a challenging goal. But you must start with a plan.

7. Control Your Thoughts

Get rid of the negativity in your life. If you really want to control your thoughts and get what you want, you will have to be more selfish with yourself. All of us have people in our family and friends circle that are negative. These people spend as much time as they can complaining about everything. It is always someone else's fault, of course. Limit yourself around people who always got bad news, always talking and gossiping about people, bitter, and content with being mediocre. Each time that you are in the company of these people, their negativity will have an impact on you.

8. Mental Toughness

To develop and maintain the kind of mental toughness that success requires, it's crucial that you keep your thoughts and self-talk positive and avoid the habits that lead to negativity and unhealthy behaviors. The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of us but those who win battles we never see them fight. Help keep yourself prepared for whatever comes your way by practicing good habits of mind and attitude.

9. Confidence

On your journey towards getting what you really want, you are going to need confidence. Confidence in your ability to do something, confidence to approach people that can help you, and so on. Many people do not have this kind of confidence and think it is a gift that only some people possess. This is nonsense. You can increase your confidence any time that you want. You can build the confidence to give a public speech and run a mile. You will have the confidence to tackle problems that you have never experienced in the past.

10. Daily Routine

If you want to get what you really want, then you need to establish a daily routine to support this. This involves taking consistent action each day. This will show God, that you are serious about your goals and the Holy Spirit will help guide you to create the life you really want.

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